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Unique experience

Throughout university I’ve only had one regret. I wish I did exchange sooner! That way I might have been able to fit another one into my degree. Going on exchange is such a unique experience which you can never replicate once you graduate. You will see and do incredible things, meet new and interesting people and have a new found wealth of stories to share when you return home.

 Marc Bowditch

Marc Bowditch
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)/Bachelor of Laws
Arnhem Business School (Netherlands)

Reasons to participate

  • Explore

Why wait until you graduate to travel overseas? With UOW Partner Universities across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, participating in an International Exchange or Short-term study abroad program will be your ticket to travel overseas while gaining credit for your degree. As a Business student, you have a wide selection of Partner Universities offering subjects across a variety of majors to choose from.

  • Connect

Studying abroad will allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture, opening your mind to new experiences and perspectives. While you are travelling and studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to build your international network and make lifelong friends overseas.

  • Learn

During your study abroad experience you will have the opportunity to enhance your generic skills, both professionally and personally. While you are abroad, you will acquire practical experience in speaking a new language, as well as developing your cross-cultural and interpersonal communication skills. International exchange students often gain a sense of independence while they are overseas, and return home with newfound confidence. Studying abroad will allow you to engage in self-reflection and critical thinking, as well as collaborative work with your international peers. These skills are transferable into your academic and professional life.

  • Stand Out

When applying for Graduate positions, Business students who have embarked on study abroad stand out among their peers. The skills acquired during a study tour or an international exchange experience extend beyond those learnt inside the classroom, and prepares students to work in a global business environment.

Business student mobility options

40K Globe


Financing your travel  

There are also the following funding options to assist students in studying overseas:

India Immersion Semester Experience ($8000 New Colombo Plan Grant)

UOW undergraduate domestic business students may be considered for an $8000 New Colombo Plan travel grant, to live, study and work in Bangalore, India for up to six months in 2018. 

During this time you will be split between an internship with 40K at 40K HQ (Bangalore) while also studying at a university in Bangalore*. Backed by UOW, the Australian Government and 40K you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about social enterprise, the business landscape in India and university life in Bangalore.

Here are some quick facts about the opportunity:

  • If eligible you’ll be provided with an $8,000 grant to help pay for the tuition fees of your host university, accommodation and living expenses in India.
  • Spend two days a week working on a real project with the 40K Plus and 40K Globe teams.
  • Spend three days a week studying subjects at a university in Bangalore
  • Become a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.
  • Spend up to six months in Bangalore, India.
  • Two places for Semester 1, 2018 available.


If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity and find out if you’re eligible please email

*A university in Bangalore can be chosen in consultation with the Faculty International Unit, who can assist with shortlisting options and assessment of subject matching (credit for prior learning).


Further information 

Contact the Faculty International Unit for more information: 

Building 40.222c
University of Wollongong
T + 61 2 4221 8103


Last reviewed: 23 October, 2017