Leading economic researchers at the Centre for Human & Social Capital Research draw on a range of complementary skills, knowledge and research methodologies – theoretical, empirical and historical – to conduct collaborative and individual research into:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Household-time allocation
  • Labour markets
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Productivity
  • Social-capital networks

Members' Research Publications

Journal Publications (only full Members included), 2011–2016 by ERA Tier

 Tier A*

Lindo J, Siminski P, Yerokhin O (2016) ‘Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South Wales’ Health Economics 25: 908-928

Johnston D, Shields M, Siminski P (2016) ‘Long-Term Health Effects of Vietnam-Era Military Service: A Quasi-Experiment using Australian Conscription Lotteries’ Journal of Health Economics 45: 12-26

Patulny, R., Siminski, P., Mendolia, S. (2015) The Front Line of Social Capital Creation – a Natural Experiment in Symbolic Interaction. Social Science and Medicine, 125: 8-18.

Paloyo, Alfredo R., Arndt R. Reichert, Monika Reuss-Borst, Harald Tauchmann (2015). “Who responds to financial incentives for weight loss? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial”. Social Science and Medicine 145:44–52.

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Mendolia, S., Walker, I. (2014) The Effect of Non-Cognitive Traits on Health Behaviours in Adolescence. Health Economics, 23:1146-1158.

McNamee, P., Mendolia, S. (2014) The Effect of Chronic Pain on Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Australian Data. Social Science and Medicine, 121: 65-73.

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Siminski P, Ville S (2011) ‘Long-Run Mortality Effects of Vietnam-Era Army Service: Evidence from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries’ American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 101(3): 345–349.

Tier A

Droff, Josselin and Alfredo R. Paloyo (2015). “Assessing the regional economic impacts of defense activities: A survey of methods”. Journal of Economic Surveys, 29(2):375–402.

Siminski P, Ville S, Paull, A (2016) ‘Does the Military Train Men to be Criminals? New Evidence from Australia’s Conscription Lotteries’ Journal of Population Economics 29: 197-218

Mendolia, S., Siminski, P. (2016) New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in Australia. The Economic Record. doi:

Mendolia, S., Walker, I. (2015) Youth Unemployment and Personality Traits. IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 4:19.

Mendolia, S., Walker, I. (2014) The Effect of Personality Traits on Subject Choice and Performance in High School: Evidence from an English cohort. Economics of Education Review, 43: 47-65.

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 Merrett D. and Ville S. (2012), ‘Cartels and Industry Associations in Australian Wool Marketing, 1890–1939’, Business History. Accepted 4.6.2011

Siminski, P Yerokhin O (2012) ‘Is the Age Gradient in Self-Reported Material Hardship Explained by Resources, Needs, Behaviours or Reporting Bias?’ Review of Income and Wealth, 58(4): 715-741

Reveley J. (2012) ‘Reciprocity, Associability, and Cartelisation: Organisational Development of the New Zealand Shipowners’ Federation, 1906-1960s. Business History 54(7): 1077-1098.

Craig L, Siminski P (2011) ‘If Men Do More Housework, Do Their Wives Have More Babies?’ Social Indicators Research 101: 255-258

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Sakamoto, R. AND Allen, M. (2011) ‘There’s Something Fishy About That Sushi: how Japan interprets the global sushi boom.’ Japan Forum, June 23:1, 99-121. 

Siminski P (2011) ‘The Price Elasticity of Demand for Pharmaceuticals amongst High Income Older Australians: A Natural Experiment’, Applied Economics 43(3): 4835–4846

 Ville S, Siminski P (2011) ‘A Fair and Equitable Method of Recruitment? Conscription by Ballot into the Australian Army during the Vietnam War’ Australian Economic History Review 51(3): 277-296

Yerokhin, O. (2011) “The Social Cost of Blackmail”, Review of Law and Economics, Volume 7, Issue 1. 

Yerokhin, O. (with B Freyens) (2011) “Allocative vs. Productive Spectrum Efficiency” Telecommunications Policy 35(4), 291-300.

 Yerokhin, O. (with O. Stavrunova) (2011) “An Equilibrium Model of Waiting Times for Elective Surgery in the NSW Public Hospitals”, Economic Record Vol. 87, No.278, September, 384-398.

Tier B

Paloyo, Alfredo R. and Arndt R. Reichert (2016) “Biting back at malaria: Self-medication, traditional healers, and the public sector”. Review of Development Economics, DOI 10.1111/rode.12283.

Mendolia, S. (2016) Maternal Working Hours and the Well-Being of Adolescent Children. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, DOI :10.1007/s10834-015-9480

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 Allen, M and Sakamoto, R. (2011) ‘Sushi Reverses Course: Consuming American Sushi in Tokyo.’ Asia-Pacific Journal. January. No 3481.

O’Brien, M. J. (2011) “ Discouraged Older Male Workers and the Discouraged Worker Effect”, Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 14 (3), 217-35 

Reveley J. (2011) ‘Management’s Critical Turn: A Critique of Adler’s “Paleo-Marxism”’, Science and Society, 75(3): 325-347.

 Tier C

O’Brien, M. J. (2011) “The Asymmetric Response of Older Male Labour Force Participation Rates to Pension Reform and Labour Market Variables”, Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 7 (4), 358-67


Burrows, S. and O’Brien, M.J. (2016) “Youth as a Reserve Army: Australia’s Regional Unemployment Conundrum”, Labour and Industry, 26 (2), 90-102.

Paloyo, Alfredo R. (2015). “A Note on Evaluating Supplemental Instruction”. Journal of Peer Learning 8:1–4.

Reuss-Borst, Monika, E. Peters, Alfredo R. Paloyo, Arndt R. Reichert, and Harald Tauchmann (2015). “Finanzielle Anreize zur Gewichtsreduktion nach stationärer Rehabilitation”, Versicherungsmedizin 67(1):64–69.

Paloyo, Siegfredo R., Ferri P. David-Paloyo, Marc Paul J. Lopez, Andrew D. Dimacali, and Alfredo R. Paloyo (2015). “The First Case of Intestinal Transplantation in the Philippines: Perspective from a Developing Country”. Journal of Stem Cell Research and Transplantation 2(2):1019.

Valadkhani, A., O’Brien, M. J. and Arjomandi, A. (2013) "Examining the nature of the relationship between Tapis crude oil and Singapore petrol prices", International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 36 (1), 27-41.

Allen, M. (2011) ‘A Double-Whammy: Two Cyclones in Five Years – how a North Queensland community mobilized social capital in response to natural disasters.’ Senshu Social Capital Review. October. 3-36.

Members' Selected Consultancy Reports

Markey, R, O’Brien, M and McIvor, J (2016) “Second Supplementary Report: Casual and Part-Time Employment in Australia” prepared on behalf of the Australia Council of Trade Unions for the Four Yearly Review of Modern Awards – Casual employment and Part-time employment (AM2014/196 and AM2014/197)

O’Brien, M (2016) “Fourth Supplementary Report: Casual and Part-Time Employment in Australia" prepared on behalf of the Australia Council of Trade Unions for the Four Yearly Review of Modern Awards – Casual employment and Part-time employment (AM2014/196 and AM2014/197)

Paloyo, A.; Rogan, S., Siminski, P. (2016) The Causal Effects of the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) on Educational Outcomes - Funded by the Australian Government’s Higher Education Participation and Partnership Programme (HEPPP).

Mendolia, S., Siminski, P. (2015) The Role of Education in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in Australia - Commissioned by the NSW Government Office of Education – Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE).

O’Brien, M (2015) "National Fast Food Workers Report", prepared on behalf of the Australia Council of Trade Unions for the Four Yearly Review of Modern A wards- Penalty Rates AM2014/305

O’Brien, M (2015) "Regression Analysis in section 3.2 of the Report of Lynne Pezzullo,The Effect of Pharmacy Industry Award 2010 on Community Pharmacy in Australia”, prepared on behalf of the Shop, Distributed and Allied Employees’ Association for the Four Yearly Review of Modern A wards- Penalty Rates AM2014/305

Markey, R, McIvor, J and O’Brien, M (2015) “Supplementary Expert Report” prepared on behalf of the Australia Council of Trade Unions for the Four Yearly Review of Modern Awards – Casual employment and Part-time employment (AM2014/196 and AM2014/197)

Members' Research Grants

External grants awarded in 2015

ARC Life Course Centre grant 2015 to fund the Workshop on the Social Science of Obesity held at the Charles Perkins Centre of the University of Sydney ($10,500) (Alfredo Paloyo with Prof Deborah Cobb-Clark and Stefanie Schurer - University of Sydney)

Internal grants awarded in 2015

UOW Global Challenges grant (2015) “Stronger Culture, Healthier Lifestyles: A Pilot After-school Cultural Activity Program for Aboriginal Children”; ($50,000) (Alfredo Paloyo with Rebecca Stanley, Anthony McKnight, Yasmine Probst, Lyn Phillipson, Cindy Holmes, Ruth Crowe, and Prof Tony Okely)

UIC International Links Grant Scheme (2015) “Demographic Change and Its Implications for the Labour Market” ($16,200) (Alfredo Paloyo with the Ruhr University of Bochum).

Tier 1 Faculty Strategic Funding Grant (2015) “Learning Catalytics and Student Learning Outcomes: Potentials and Limitations” ($3,300) (Alfredo Paloyo with Prof Sandy Suardi and Amir Arjomandi).

UIC Grant (2015) “Nonlinear Effects of High School Peers on Educational Outcomes) (Silvia Mendolia with Alfredo Paloyo) ($13,000)

External grants awarded in 2014

Australian Government Higher Education Participation and Partnership Programme (HEPPP) (2014) ($62,500) “The Causal Effects of the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) on Educational Outcomes” (Peter Siminski with Sally Rogan and Alfredo Paloyo)

NSW Department of Education and Communities (2014) “Effect of Education on Income Mobility” (Silvia Mendolia with Peter Siminski) ($ 77,300)

External grants awarded in 2013

Educational Strategies Development Fund (2013) “Developing Best Practice Support and Assessment Guidelines for the Utilisation of Social Media within a Flexible Assessment Design”, $4500 (Martin O’Brien with Katharina Freund).

DVA Clients as Receivers and Providers of Care in the Community (2013) - commissioned by Department of Veterans’ Affairs ($59,520) (Peter Siminski)

Internal grants awarded in 2013

Faculty of Commerce, Creating Better Futures: Teaching and Learning Grants (2013) “Enhancing the effectiveness of econometrics teaching”, $3054.50 (Martin O’Brien with Indika Karunayake).

Faculty of Business Educational Inclusion Grant (2013) “Effect of Active Teaching Strategies on Minority Students”, $2500. (Martin O’Brien)

Faculty of Business Educational Inclusion Grant (2013) “The Causal Effects of the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) on educational outcomes for students from low socio-economic, rural and indigenous backgrounds”, $8787 (Martin O’Brien with Peter Siminski).

Faculty of Business Educational Inclusion Grant (2013) “Lecture Attendance and Study Performance”, $10000 (Martin O’Brien with Reetu Verma).

Visitor Invitation Grant (2013) - Visit of Professor Ian Walker ($2,260) (Silvia Mendolia)

Faculty Research Grant (2013) - “Non-cognitive traits on health behaviours” ($4,800) (Silvia Mendolia)

Internal grants awarded in 2012

UOW Faculty Research Grant (2012) “Legal Alcohol Availability and Youth Outcomes in Australia: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis” (Peter Siminski with Oleg Yerokhin) ($10,000)

Faculty of Commerce ARC Application Support Grant (2012) “Light at the End of the Tunnel: Investigating the Economic and Social Consequences of Job Losses at BlueScope Port Kembla”, (Martin O’Brien) ($5000).

StartUp Grant for Early Career Researchers (2012) ($9,000) (Silvia Mendolia)

New Researcher Grant (2012) “The impact of pre-school education on adolescents” ($3,000) (Silvia Mendolia)

External Grants awarded in 2011 

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) (2012-2017), ‘Army Service, Employment Incentives and Veterans' Life Outcomes: A Natural Experiment’ (Peter Siminski) ($375,000).

 Other External grants / contracts current in 2011

 ARC Discovery grant (2010-12), ‘Reassessing the role of industry associations through an examination of Australian and New Zealand wool marketing, 1890-1960’. (Simon Ville and Prof D. Merrett, University of Melbourne.) ($90,000)

 ARC Linkage grant (2010-11), ‘The long term causal effects of Vietnam War era conscription on economic and social outcomes for Australian conscripts’. (Peter Siminski & Simon Ville, Partner: Federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs). ($117,453 + $26,962 in kind)

‘Financial Stress / Hardship amongst DVA Pensioners’ for Department of Veterans’ Affairs, (2010-2011)  (Peter Siminski) ($62,755) 

Internal Grants awarded in 2011

ESDF $6000 "Improving the learning experience in two large first year economics classes", (Frank Neri)

Faculty Teaching and Learning Grant: $4226 "Producing animated videos to improve the learning experience of first year economics students". (Frank Neri)

Faculty Research Grant $9594 "Human capital, work environment and other characteristics of the world's best economics researchers: 2000-2010". (Frank Neri).

Funding for Workshop on Disaster Management and Social Capital. Run as an inter-faculty initiative with Simon Ville. Research partners include Senshu University (Tokyo), and Terrain P/L. ($5000) (Matt Allen.)

 Internal grants awarded in 2007

University of Wollongong URC Small Grant (2007) “The Reserve Army of Labour: An Analysis of Older Worker Labour Markets in OECD Countries in the Context of an Ageing Society”, (Martin O’Brien) ($5470).


Last reviewed: 17 July, 2017