(back row, L to R) Jason Lindo, Peter Siminski, Alfredo Paloyo; (front row, L to R) Oleg Yerokhin, Martin O'Brien, Silvia Mendolia. 

Dr Martin O'Brien - Director
Research interests:
older worker employment issues; ageing society policy; hidden unemployment; segmented labour market theory; econometrics

Associate Professor Peter Siminski
Research interests:
applied microeconomics; health; labour; poverty and inequality; applied econometrics; public economics; research methods; economic evaluation

Dr Alfredo Paloyo
Research interests:
applied microeconomics, human capital, development economics, defense economics

Professor Simon Ville
Research interests:
principles of responsible commerce; economic policy; business history; economic history

Dr Oleg Yerokhin
Research interests:
applied microeconomics; health economics; public economics

Dr Silvia Mendolia
Research interests: labour economics, health economics, applied microeconometrics

Associate Members
Associate Professor Jason Lindo, Visiting Principal Fellow, School of Economics, UOW.
Dr Roger Patulny, Research Fellow, the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, UOW.

Last reviewed: 14 December, 2017