The Centre for Human & Social Capital Research (CHSCR) engages with external scholars, universities and businesses through research collaboration and consultancy. The centre also has opportunities for higher-degree research students.

Research collaboration

CHSCR members are currently working together on several collaborative research projects, including:

  • ARC-funded project on the Effects of Army Service on Australia’s Vietnam Veterans (Siminski & Ville)
  • Disaster management and social capital (Allen & Ville)
  • Spectrum Efficiency (Yerokhin & Freyens)
  • Effects of legal alcohol access on youth outcomes (Siminski & Yerokhin)
  • Effects of schooling on fertility and other life outcomes (Lindo & Siminski)

CHSCR welcomes partnerships with universities or academics interested in joint research into issues that involve aspects of human and social capital, or to spend some time at the centre.

Visitors in 2013

  • Prof Ian Walker (Lancaster)
  • Prof Dan Hamermesh (UTexas)
  • Prof Nattavudh (Nick) Powdthavee (LSE)
  • Dr Nicholas Biddle (Australian National University)
  • Dr Tess Stafford (University of New South Wales)
  • Dr Chris Ryan (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research).
  • Sebastian Otten (RWI and RUB)

Visitors in 2011

  • Jason Lindo (University of Oregon, now also Visiting Principal Fellow, University of Wollongong)
  • Bob Breunig (Australian National University)


CHSCR's leading economic academics are available to conduct research on behalf of businesses and government.

To engage with the Centre for Human & Social Capital Research, please contact Dr Martin O’Brien.

Student opportunities

The research centre provides an opportunity to work alongside leading economists. CHSCR members are available to supervise PhD students. Please contact Dr Martin O’Brien for more information.

Last reviewed: 14 December, 2017