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School of Management,
Operations and Marketing

The School of Management, Operations and Marketing fosters meaningful research which contributes to business theory and practice. We ensure our graduates are job-ready through practical learning, internship opportunities, and the chance to study overseas. Our programs are backed by research, recognised by industry and delivered by qualified and industry experienced academics.

Latest News

The rise of the influencer

How savvy social media users are cashing in on new trends in marketing


Dr Thomas Lee says "we are seeing businesses and brands tapping into the social media market through smaller players, shifting the focus away from the major celebrities and onto the likes of the stay-at-home-mum or food blogger.”

Social marketing for good

From improving retention rates of foster carers to helping disability support services reach their potential customers, Melanie Randle is using social marketing to make a difference to the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

Melanie Randle Women of Impact

Associate Professor Melanie Randle's research focuses on using marketing for the greater good. Over the past ten years, Melanie has been looking at what is perhaps an extreme form of volunteering – foster care.