COMM391: Professional Experience in Business


Taking part in the business internship program has been one of my greatest experiences at UOW. The opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned to real, meaningful projects while being able to contribute to my host organisation gave me an amazing sense of achievement. It has shown me the direction I want to take my career.
Adam Silvio

Enrol now in COMM391: Professional Experience in Business to maximise your career opportunities.

This subject allows you to:

  • Test drive an industry to narrow your potential career.
  • Gain real-world experience that employers seek.
  • Convert academic theory into industry skills.
  • Prepare you for the job interview process.


The Business of Interning

The Business of Interning story

In his final year of his Bachelor of Commerce, with a double major in Management and Business Law, Matthew has already been offered a position with the company, where he now works part-time as a Sales and Client Co-ordinator.

"My time at Claim Central was challenging at first, learning a lot of new ways to analyse data, target markets and generate productivity reports for senior management," Matthew said.

Alivia's interning experiences led her to gain another internship and find her career aspiration through the value of mentorship.

"I started interning here in December 2015 and a few days later I was offered a casual position as a Human Resources Administrator," Alivia says.

"When I finished in June, I was offered a promotion as a full-time Human Resources Consultant and I am absolutely loving it."

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What is COMM391: Professional Experience in Business?

COMM391 provides you an opportunity to integrate and apply your university knowledge in an industry context through a 16 day internship with a pre-selected Industry Partner arranged by the Business Internship team in the Faculty of Business. You can expect a lot more than mindless tasks, instead you will be partnered with an organisation that will provide you with thought-provoking tasks that will help you gain valuable industry related experience and help you become ‘work-ready’. In addition, the application process will prepare you for job hunting post-graduation, by allowing you to make your resume more competitive and experiencing real interview questions.

In addition to the 16 day placement with your host organisation, you will need to commit your time to a rigorous academic component which will include attending compulsory workshops/lectures/tutorials and completing a combination of individual and group assessments during the semester.

Download COMM391 Subject Component fact sheet.

Who can apply?

Students who are enrolled in:

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Business

Students who have:

  • Completed 72 credit points (including core subjects)
  • WAM of 65
  • Demonstration of good reflective, critical analytical thinking and essay/ report writing skills 

If you began (or transferred into) your degree in 2016 or a later calendar year, it is not possible to substitute the Business Capstone with Comm391. If you are completing a Bachelor of Commerce and you wish to enrol in Econ391 you may do so as part of your Marketing or Management majors, (please refer to the relevant calendar). If you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Business, Comm391 can count as one of the subjects required as part of your 48 credit points of Business subjects. In all other instances Comm391 will be regarded as an Elective subject.

How to apply?

There are 3 phases to the application process;

Phase 1:
If you meet the subject pre-requisites, you will be required to submit an application including a cover letter, resume, copy of your transcript and apply via our online application form.

Phase 2:
If successful in getting through phase 1, you will be required to complete a video interview reviewed by the Business Internship Team.

Students will be shortlisted for interviews with Industry Partners based on performance in phases 1 & 2.

Phase 3:
Industry Partners select appropriate students based on their application and interview performance.

Students selected for an internship will be enrolled into COMM391.

Applications open 4 August 2017
Applications close 1 September 2017

How can industry partners get involved?

Download Industry Partner fact sheet

More information

Contact the Business Internship team on or 4221 3756.

Looking for an international internship opportunity?

International internship opportunities are also available through COMM391 for students through 40K, Project Everest and CRCC Asia.

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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2017