School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

School of Accounting,
Economics and Finance

The School of Accounting, Economics and Finance ensures that our students receive quality education in both the skills and the conceptual understandings necessary to flourish in professional careers. 

Long-term success requires the ability to think both strategically and critically, and we build these talents for our students through creative and innovative teaching practices and curricula

Because we combine three disciplines that are closely related – accounting, economics and finance – our students enter the world of business and economics with a breadth of education that employers cherish.

Latest Research

Family matters for future wealth

Analysis of intergenerational income data suggests who you’re married to, when you have children and how many you have matters when it comes to income mobility.

Family wealth_main_crop

Co-author Dr Silvia Mendolia, from UOW’s Faculty of Business, said intergenerational income mobility – not just the gap between rich and poor in one generation – is important to consider because it is more closely related to equality of opportunity.