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Seminar Series 2019

The School of Accounting Economics and Finance will run the following seminars in 2019. For any further information please contact saef-enquiries@uow.edu.au

Dr Erica Cosler, University of Melbourne
Date: Friday 1 March
Location: Room 40A G81
Topic: Valuing the invaluable: Resistance and compromise in the development of a valuation infrastructure for museum collections

Professor Ian Walker, Lancaster University
Date: Monday 11 March
Location: Room 40A G81
Topic: The Financial Returns to Higher Education Courses

Professor Rajendra P. Srivastava, University of Kansas
Date: Thursday 21 March
Location: 40A G81
Topic: Text Mining for Financial and Non-Financial Information from SEC Filings, and Textual Analysis for Predictive Models and Risk Assessment

Associate Professor Yaw-Huei Jeffrey Wang, University of NSW
Date: Thursday 11 April
Location: Room 40A G81
Topic: Implied Volatility Spreads and Future Options Returns around Information Events and Conditions

Last reviewed: 20 March, 2019