The 27th Australasian Conference
on Information Systems

Occupying the Sweet Spot: IS at the Intersection

5th-7th December 2016

Information systems (IS) have become an unrecognised commodity – everybody uses them, yet as IS researchers and practitioners we seem to need to explain time and again what we do, what value we provide, and keep justifying our existence.

As former MISQ Editor-in-Chief Allen Lee suggests, IS are integrated socio-technical systems and the IS discipline is uniquely positioned as a bridge between the technical and social perspectives of information technology. The IS discipline is a distinctive academic field that studies these systems, beyond any specific digital technology and its relation to and impact on individuals, organisations, and society. It examines more than merely the technical system, or just the social system related to the provision and utilisation of information, or the two systems side by side; rather it investigates the phenomena that emerge when the two systems interact. This positioning presents a research perspective that differentiates the academic field of IS from other disciplines. We offer invaluable contributions to scholarly understanding and the best practice of developing, utilising, and managing IS on the daily, operational, and strategic levels.

IS is at the exciting intersection between man and machine, between the social and the technical, between social science and engineering/science, between digital transformation and digital disruption, between facilitation and inhibition. IS is a go-between and an intermediary. Not privileging the one above the other, IS is occupying a sweet spot both in academia and in practice. We should promote, explore and exploit that sweet spot. Instead of lamenting, let’s celebrate, defy and take on the challenge of lack of identity and recognition. ACIS 2016 provides the opportunity to do just that and offers the opportunity how we, as the IS community, take up that challenge. Submit your work to one or several of the conference tracks and show how you tackle that challenge. Demonstrate how you support IS in getting recognition and the unique value that IS research creates at the intersection of a wide range of situations within business and society.

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