Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

What Is Honours?

The Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree is a 48 credit point ‘end-on’ program that students complete in their final year of undergraduate studies. It involves a 24 credit point research project and 24 credit points of advanced coursework subjects that support and compliment the research project.

Why Do Honours?

Performing well in the Honours year can provide students with a competitive edge in their chosen profession as well as a gateway to higher degree research programs if they wish to pursue a PhD in the future. In particular, students who obtain Class I Honours have a very good chance of obtaining a PhD Scholarship.

On top of these potential outcomes, some students complete Honours for the ‘experience’. The program is challenging and rewarding at the same time. It provides a unique opportunity to work closely with experienced academics while being independent and self directed. Also, it allows students to delve into a topic that is of particular interest to them by applying the skills and knowledge that they gained from their previous undergraduate coursework.

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What Does The Research Involve?

The research component of Honours involves producing a thesis that students submit at the end of their Honours year. A thesis is a written piece of work in which students report on an original study that they performed in their Honours year. A thesis usually includes a statement of a research question, a literature review, a description of the research method and a report of the results. Students work closely with their supervisors when designing and performing the research, and when preparing their thesis.

Who Supervises The Research?

Honours students are normally supervised by up to two experienced academics who are active researchers with expertise in the relevant topic area. For various reasons the availability of supervisors and potential research areas may vary from year to year. Students are encouraged to meet with the potential supervisors of the research topic that is of interest to them.

What Are The Admission Requirements?

Admission to the Honours program is on a competitive basis. Normally, students should be enrolled in a Business degree at the University of Wollongong or at another recognised institution and they should have a minimum average of 75 or above across the subjects in their chosen specialisation. Students can apply for admission into the Honours program before they graduate from their Bachelor degree. Further details about the admission requirements are available from School Honours Co-ordinators.

How Do I Apply For Honours?

It’s never too early to start thinking about applying for Honours - midway through the second year of your Bachelor degree or early in your third year is usually the best time. The best way to get started is to discuss your eligibility with the Honours Coordinator for your School and to meet with potential Honours supervisors to discuss the research project options.

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Further Honours Information

Please Contact the Schools' Honours Coordinators to obtain additional information.

Last reviewed: 13 July, 2017