Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and Workshops

2013 Seminars and Workshops

  Workshop for CSBRR: Co-research and projects

21 Feb, 2013, 2.00pm, B40.G81, CSBRR Workshop for Co-research and potential projects

2012 Seminars and Workshops

  Joint seminar for CSBRR and School of Economics: The Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurial Emergence Research

12 Jun, 2012 (Tue), 12.00am, B40.G81, CSBRR and Economics joint seminar

  • Professor Per Davidson, Australian Centre For Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland University of Technology and the Jonkoping International Business School

2011 Seminars and Workshops 

Joint seminar for CSBRR and School of Economics: Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs’) Access to Finance in Selected East Asian Economies

27 Sep, 2011 (Tue), 12.00am, B40.233, CSBRR and Economics joint seminar

  • Dr Dionisius (Donny) Narjoko, Researcher, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) 

SMEs seminar and workshop: Are free markets also fair markets? Open Competition and the Small Business Sector

11 Apr, 2011 (Mon), 10.30am, B24.G01, CSBRR seminar

12 April, 2011 (Tue), 12:00 pm, Hope Theatre, Economics Annual Public Lecture

  • Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)  

SMEs seminar: The end of Italy's miracle
16th Feb, 2011 (Wed), 11:30-12:30

  • Professor Patrizia Vipraio, Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy. 

SMEs seminar: The Illawarra Input-Output model: developing an analytical toolkit for evidence based economic planning in the Illawarra
9th February 2011(Wed), 10.30

  • Keynote speaker: Dr Guy West, one of the foremost input-output modellers in Australia. He has considerable experience in analysis of regional economic policy issues and has consulted to all levels of government and industry on over 200 collaborative research projects.

2010 Seminars and Workshops

SMEs seminar: New quantitative research method
August 2010

  • Professor Tran Van Hoa, Honorary Professor, National Advanced Training Institute (NATI), Vietnam Ministry of Trade; Honorary Professor, National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam; Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (Victoria University, Melbourne); Director, Vietnam and ASEAN+3 Research Program (CSES)

SMEs workshop: Left-hand, right-hand theory
September 2010

  • Joseph Chou, CEO and founder of Ironfish

SMEs seminar: Infrastructure projects and research
September 2010

  • Garry Bowditch, CEO of SMART

SMEs workshop: SMEs in global economy
September 2010

  • Charles Harvie: "Production networks in East Asia: challenges and opportunities for SMEs"
  • Viet: "Internationalisation activities and performance of Vietnamese SMEs"
  • Aimee Zhang: "Inter-firm collaboration in the Australian telecommunication market" and "Size still matters when firms choose business collaborators"
  • Ta: "Technical efficiency in Thai manufacturing SMEs: evidence from firm-level industrial census"
  • Yot: "Measuring inefficiency effects model: the case of Thai manufacturing and exporting SMEs"
  • Tom: "Prices of industrial products, technological change and labour demand in the Thai manufacturing sector: a causality analysis"

BISTU visit: Undergraduate "2+2" program, Postgraduate "1.5+1" program, PhD programs, short-term training programs, visiting programs, and co-research areas
October 2010
Academics from Beijing Information Science and Technology University met with UOW partners to discuss student, training, visiting and co-research programs.
BISTU visitors: Professor Tang Wuxiang, Professor Fu Zhenghua, Associate Professor Liu Wei, Associate Professor Cheng Guizhi, Ms. Mu Jie, Mr. Wang Zhanwu
UOW attendees: Michael Zanko, Simon Ville, Charles Harvie, Samuel Garrett-Jones, Aimee Zhang 

2007 Seminars 

Second Semester Seminars

Date Presenter Affiliation Topic
31/8/07 Charles Harvie Economics Private Sector take-off in Vietnam's Booming Economy
7/9/07 Helen Hasan Economics The work of MB-013 - Standards Australia's Committee for Small to Medium Enterprises
14/9/07 Guibin Zhang Economics Emerging Private Sector and SME Development in Sichuan, western China
21/9/07 Krittakorn Sahakijpicharn PhD Student Overview of SMEs in Thailand
5/10/07 Greg Kerr Marketing A role for marketing in the economic development of towns and cities.
12/10/07 Sam Garret-Jones Marketing Cities of Innovation?: Exploring the role of local community organisations in constructing advantage
19/10/07 Viet le Long PhD Student Small and Medium Enterprises: A Review of Significant Issues
26/10/07 Elias Sanidas Economics SMEs in the Australian marine industry and organizational/growth characteristics: an application of the PROBB model of management/organization
2/11/07 Aimee Zhang Economics Non-state and private sectors SMEs in China
9/11/07 Anne Vo Management & Marketing Localisation Or Globalization? The Case Of Japanese Multinational Companies In Vietnam


First Semester Seminars

Date Presenter Organisation Topic
9/3/07 David Morgan Williams DMW Group Leadership as a tool for regional development
16/3/07 Ali Saleh CSBRR Perception of business challenges in Malaysia; a case study of SME's
23/3/07 Narelle Kennedy Australian Business Foundation University-Business linkages
27/4/07 Troy Coyle UOW Intellectual property and commercialisation
11/5/07 Simon Pomfret Illawarra Regional Information Service TBA
18/5/07 Chris Hall Macquarie University SME Entrepreneur Consortium
25/5/07 Mark Grimson Illawarra Business Chamber TBA
8/6/07 Rhonda Mcguire Business Enterprise Centre TBA


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