School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

School of Accounting,
Economics and Finance

The School of Accounting, Economics and Finance ensures that our students receive quality education in both the skills and the conceptual understandings necessary to flourish in professional careers. 

Long-term success requires the ability to think both strategically and critically, and we build these talents for our students through creative and innovative teaching practices and curricula

Because we combine three disciplines that are closely related – accounting, economics and finance – our students enter the world of business and economics with a breadth of education that employers cherish.

Latest News

Analysis of the geopolitical implications

Dr George Mickhail was interviewed by radio 938LIVE in Singapore on 10 April 2017 in their 8:00am news headlines to provide an analysis of the geopolitical implications of the state of emergency declared by Egypt in the aftermath of the two church bombings the day before on Coptic Orthodox Easter.

Vale Emeritus Professor Michael Gaffikin

A memorial service was recently held at the University of Wollongong for Emeritus Professor Michael Gaffikin who passed away in February. A recording of the memorial service can be viewed online.

Michael Gaffikin

Professor Michael Gaffikin was a generous mentor beyond peer in the accounting discipline. His intellectual stature and integrity was a beacon. Professor Michael Gaffikin made critical studies in accounting his life’s work, establishing the critical accounting programme internationally. He held numerous visiting research professor posts in six countries across four continents. A ‘big’ personality, he had a healthy intolerance for the ordinary, and the predictable. He became notorious for prodding – being prickly in order to evolve the ways accounting is understood and taught, and especially what is taught as accounting. The relevance of this endures through the diverse and influential careers of his students, counting amongst his 41 PhD supervisions a vice chancellor, several heads of accounting schools, and numerous academics, as well as principals in accounting practices, governments, and industry practitioners. He published over 100 refereed journal articles, numerous books and book chapters. Since 1988, until his retirement in 2006, Professor Michael Gaffikin was Head of School and Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Wollongong. When he began his tenure, the School had a fledgling doctoral program and he established a community of scholars by supervising staff and accounting academics worldwide. In particular, doctoral students from emerging economies were encouraged and are now professors and leaders in many countries.